Noodlecake Studios is a small indie game studio based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Founded in early 2011, Noodlecake found success with its first game, Super Stickman Golf, and has since expanded into publishing, releasing games on multiple platforms.
Jordan Schidlowsky  

Jordan is one of the original co-founders of Noodlecake. When he doesn’t have his head buried in code, he’s wheelin’ and dealin’. A big proponent of the ABC’s of business, ‘Always Be Closing’. It’s philosophies like this that have enabled Noodlecake to become what it is today.

Tyron Haugen  

Ty is the second half of the Noodlecake originals. With an eye for design, he pretty much destroys any graphical task put before him. Have you played Super Stickman Golf? Point, set, match.

David Noete  

Dave’s versatile programming skillset allowed him to quickly get up to speed on mobile development when he joined Noodlecake in Summer 2011. When he’s not doing computer stuff he’s playing golf or hockey and following the NHL more closely than he should.

Erik Frederiksen  

Erik is a strange mix of hacker, engineer and artist. Erik’s viking heritage gives him a +1 bonus to open-faced sandwiches with pickled herring but he suffers a -1 vulnerability to burning himself on soldering irons and toaster ovens.

Ryan Holowaty  

Ryan could tell you about how he has been awarded for both his creative marketing and entrepreneurial projects, but instead he would rather you come over spin some vinyl with him in his basement. And the only thing that is weirder than the sound of that last sentence is his alter ego “The Chimp Tickler”, who frequents most leader boards and terrorizes anyone in his path.

Spencer Clark  

When he is not wrestling bears, Spencer is writing flawless code. All of Spencer’s code is written with ed, compiles on the first run, and never has to be patched. Ever.

Arlin Schaffel  

Arlin has a passion for mobile development. He firmly believes in using hashtags effectively, loves memes and is not to be trusted in games of strategy. Arlin is a prime example of how becoming a Super Stickman Golf expert can land you a job at Noodlecake. #yxe #dev #seriouslyillwreckyouatstickmangolf

Taylor Ross  

Taylor is not afraid to bring up the hot-button issues in the office. Not because he actually cares about these issues, but because he likes to get a good rant out of Arlin whenever he can. Outside of work, Taylor can be found forgetting to do up the zipper on his jacket in the middle of winter, trying the weird dish that nobody else wants to try at a restaurant, or just having a mean look on his face while he’s doing anything because he is cursed with an angry resting face.