Brickies Coming Soon!


Hey everyone!

If you followed any of our GDC news, you might have seen us teasing a new game called Brickies.  Well in case you missed it, here is the brand spanking new trailer that lets you know what it is all about.

Brickies is a new spin on breakout games with a beautiful flat art design and new time and ball activation mechanic that really stands out. We are hoping to have the game out in the next month to month and a half.  Stay tuned for more news as it develops!

Brickies_iPhone6_1134x750_2 Brickies_iPhone6_1134x750_3

Brickies_iPhone6_1134x750_4 Brickies_iPhone6_1134x750_5





We are crazy excited to announce another new release coming in March!

Tiltagon is an awesome “super hexagon” like high score game from Jyri and Piia Kilpelainen and we cant wait to launch it.  We have been working with them to help put the final touches on the game and we decided it was time to release an killer trailer to get you hyped!

Tiltagon will be out for iOS and Android in mid-late March.  It will be free, but contains a clever new ad usage that I think you guys will find both fair, and really unique.  More details on that closer to launch.  For now follow us on Twitter or get all the Tiltagon news here!


Introducing RAD Boarding – Coming Soon!


Hey Cakers!

Hope your holidays and new years and all that jazz were a ton of fun and filled with awesome gaming! We have been sort of quiet for the first part of 2015 but that is all about to change.  We have a TON of great games on the way this year and we are kicking things off in 90′s style with RAD Boarding!

RAD Boarding was developed by Other Ocean Interactive and we couldn’t be more excited to work with them. It is a virtual cornucopia of Canadian mobile gaming goodness.

So what would you do if the world was coming to an end?

When you’re a burnt-out ’90s celebrity, there’s only one thing you CAN do: grab your snowboard, throw on your shades, and go out on one final ride as the world crumbles around you.

RAD Boarding is action packed and adrenaline fuelled; properly timing your in-air tricks can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Rack up massive points by chaining together tricks and battle against the abominations of nature that are birthed at the end of the world!  Rock out to an original, catchy 90’s-inspired soundtrack, and no matter what you do, never, EVER, stop being RAD.

And one more thing – yes, that is a giant bear with an eyepatch. RAD.

Rad Boarding is slated for release in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out here or on twitter @noodlecakegames for the official launch date.  If you have any questions about RAD Boarding please do not hesitate to ask!

Press Pack:

RAD Boarding brought to you by Other Ocean and Noodlecake with support from the Canada Media Fund.


Humble Noodlecake Bundle!


Christmas has come early for Android users!  A HUGE selection of our best premium games are currently for sale in the most recent Humble Mobile Bundle. Pay what your want for 9 amazing indie games and you support charity at the same time.  And like any other bundle, there might be a few more bonus games revealed in due time.

There are also some Android debuts that you cannot get at any other spot.

Pay What You Want:

Glorkian Warrior (Android debut) by Pixel Jam
Pumped BMX 2 by Yeah Us!
SSG2 by Noodlecake
Polymer by Whitaker Trebella

Beat The Average:

Mikey Boots (Android debut) by Beaver Tap
Devious Dungeon by Ravenous Games
Tower Dwellers by ECC Games

Pay Above $8.00

Wayward Souls by Rocketcat Games
Wave Wave 2.0 by Thomas Jansen

We’re looking for someone to join us in a DevOps role on a health care scheduling project.  Currently our service supports 7000 registered users and in the last year has made 1.4 million automated calls and sent 2 million text messages.  We’re expanding our service to other health care organizations and we’re looking for people who can help us scale.

Who are NC Consulting / Noodlecake Studios?  

We’re 14 dedicated and creative people that build amazing things.  We’re the authors of the Stickman Golf series, the publishers of Wayward Souls, Happy Jump and Zombie Road Trip (among many others), and developers of critical health care scheduling infrastructure for Saskatoon.  We’re located in our brand new office in the eclectic neighbourhood of Riversdale, Saskatoon.

Who are you?

You’re a smart and capable developer who loves technology and learning new things.  You work well in a team and are current with best practices in scalable software development.  We’re less concerned with experience specific technologies and more interested in your passion, creativity, drive, and judgement.


  •  Development of infrastructure to support scripted deployment and configuration of virtual machines.
  •  Installation and management of virtual private server instances.
  •  Developing and instituting data governance, monitoring and data security policy.
  •  Working with clients and customers to plan and implement new infrastructure and software installations and configuration.
  •  Proactive administration of *nix / BSD systems.
  •  MySQL and PostgreSQL performance tuning and administration.
  •  Contributing to product development using Django, Celery, Coffeescript and Backbone.
  •  Team participation in code reviews, architecture design, and security and performance analyses.

Please send PDF resumés to  In your email, please include a paragraph or two describing the projects where you picked up your relevant experience and the kind of work in which you’re most interested.