Flappy Golf Update

Well this was unexpected!

When we launched our FlappyJam game, we honestly did not expect much to come from it.  We did know it was fun at least, so that is why we decided to actually put it out there.  I guess we weren’t wrong because a lot of you have played it and a lot of you seem to really like it!

So we decided we should do at least one update to add a little more meat to the game.  Based on your feedback and a few ideas of our own, the new version is going to probably be the definitive version of this little game that could.

Update Notes:

- Added an iAP to Remove the Banner Ads

- Created a new “Super Star” Challenge mode. Collecting these stars isn’t for the faint of heart!

- REAL TIME MULTIPLAYER! That’s right. You can now flap in real time against up to 8 friends (locally) in a wild race to the cup.  It is a stupid amount of fun! Unfortunately the race mode has yet to be implemented on Android but might come in the future.

- Bug Fixes.  There were some wrong pars and weird glitches with the first version.  Hopefully we squashed all of those bugs without creating any new ones (knock on wood).

- Facebook and Twitter sharing.  Did you get a ridiculously low flap count and want to brag to your friends.  Well now you can!

The biggest omission is unfortunately leaderboards.  With the game broken down per hole and not by course like SSG2, we couldn’t decide on the best way to actually record this data.  We might figure out something in the future but we really wanted to get this out ASAP. So for now what will be, will be.

Anyways hope you guys enjoy the update! We submitted it to Apple today so hopefully it will be live in the next week or so.

- Team Noodlecake


Flappy Golf aka Golfy Bird is Here!


So our FlappyJam game FINALLY got through review and is now available. We are a bit late to the party on this one but figured we would release the game all the same.

As mentioned in a previous post, Flappy Golf or Golfy Bird as it is known on Android, was a fun little one day project we did during the hay day of the FlappyJam.  Initially we were not going to release it but after playing it and getting lots of positive feedback, we decided what the heck? Why not?

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Flappy Golf is just a simple stripped down version of Super Stickman Golf 2®. In fact it is almost just another mode for the game.  We reused all the same courses but then took out all the characters, hats, power ups, levelling and just made it so you could “flap” your way to the hole instead of shooting for under par.  Star ratings are given to the amount of flaps it takes for you to get to the hole and that is pretty much it. Being a game-jam game, we didn’t want to treat this like a big release or anything.

Each hole can be played separately instead of being “tour based” like the original game and you must collect stars to open up new courses. However we wanted everyone to just have fun and play the game so any type of star will work to open later courses.

So far people really seem to be enjoying the game though so there is chance if enough people demand it, we might update it to include the classic multiplayer that everyone loves with SSG2.  Can you imagine 8 balls flapping at once to the hole? Sounds ridiculous so we might just do it. Plus we might add an iAP to remove the ads as that has been requested as well.

If you want some images you can get the press kit here.

2-1136x640 3-1136x640

5-1136x640 4-1136x640


Cheers and keep on flappin!


Happy Birthday Super Stickman Golf 2!




Super Stickman Golf 2® is officially 1 year old today! Our baby is growing up!

To date, the game has been downloaded over 8 million times across both iOS and Android.  This is also a combination of free and paid downloads, but mainly free :)

First off we want to thank each and every one of you who downloaded the game!  The response has been more overwhelming than we ever could have hoped.  It honestly brought tears to our eyes the day we launched and made it all the way to #2 Paid Overall in the App Store. Plus the amount of support ever since then has been incredible. From amazing videos, to fan art, fan sites, tweets, emails, facebook messages and more, you guys are all the reason why the game is what it is today.

The fact that people have enjoyed so many hours of our game will be forever humbling.

Here are a few more people we want to thank in no particular order:

Besties Podcast Ep 49 – If it wasnt for our pal Russ over at Polygon, the SSG series may have never reached the heights it did.  He was the one who championed the game at E3 one year and really helped build Noodlecake into what it is today.  We really owe him a lot and love him to death.  Check out this Ep of his podcast where he recounts introducing SSG to the masses. Thanks Russ!

Reviews on the Run – Our pals over at Reviews on the Run have been supporting us and our game since Russ introduced it to them at that fateful E3.  Victor, Scott, Marissa, Jose, Ben, Shaun and all the rest are the best kind of people and it is crazy to think that I am friends with guys like Vic, who I used to watch on TV every Saturday morning growing up. Mind blown.

Whitaker Trebella – Really what can be said about this guy?  One of the nicest, best most talented guys we know.  His amazing music is just as important as anything else in the game and without him, I doubt we would be where we are today.  He is basically an unofficial employee at this point and a friend for life. Love you man. And another huge shout out to Vito, Jordan and Danny who all contributed to the soundtrack. You all rock!

Editors – There are so many amazing reviewers out there who have actually gave our little game the time of day, which is amazing.  I know I am going to miss a ton of you but a big thanks to Justin, Mitch, Marty and Anthony (formerly) of IGN, Jared and Eli over at Touch Arcade, Jeff and Carter at 148Apps and Brett at AppAddict.

Lunartic’s Fan Forums - Man what would we do without this guy.  The original Noodlecake super fan, Lunartic (or Ben as he is known to go by) has been championing our games for us since the start.  He even built the most ridiculous fan forums site I have ever seen, recording walkthroughs for every single hole in SSG2.  Whenever someone cant figure something out or needs help with the game, we send them to Lunartic.  His dedication is staggering and he is a total life saver.

And lastly one of our favorite things that was ever sent to us was SeaNanners and Mr. Sark playing SSG2 on a plane while everyone was sleeping.  This was probably the most ridiculous, most intense an most hilarious 2 part video anyone has ever sent us.

This was supposed to be a short thank you but has gone on wayyyy too long, so I will cut it off here! We cant wait to see what the future holds!

SSG3 perhaps? Only time will tell..


- Team Noodlecake



Welcome to the Noodlecade!


Wondering what we have been up to since the launch of Super Stickman Golf 2® and what our next game was going to be? Well the wait is over!

First and foremost ,we spent a lot of time working on updates, bug fixes and supporting SSG2 the best we could in 2013.  Being a smaller team and also running our porting and publishing division, it is easy for us to get side tracked working with other developers.  Which we absolutely LOVE doing btw!

Over the past year we encouraged everyone here to prototype different game ideas to see what we could come up with. A ton of cool ideas have been shown but none of them felt right for longer in-depth experiences like SSG2.  Instead we found ourselves with a handful of shorter more arcade like games.  Which isn’t surprising since games like Super Hexagon, Pivvot, Towerfall and more have been what we seemed to pick up and play the most in our spare time.

We weren’t sure if these games were going to see the light of day but finally decided instead of just sitting on them, lets polish them up and release them to the world!  It is just too much fun releasing games for us not to!  And if the whole Flappy Bird thing taught us anything, it is that short arcade experiences on mobile are alive and well.  (Speaking of which, our Flappy Jam game Flappy Golf is coming very very soon!)

So without further adieu, I’d like to present the first of our “Noodlecade” releases called Jupiter Jump!  More details are coming soon but this hidden camera teaser trailer should give you a good idea what you are in for. Bonus points for anyone who can guess the music in the background!

Gesundheit! is coming to Android!


We are super excited to reveal we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Revolutionary Concepts to bring their multi-award winning adventure puzzler ‘Gesundheit!’ to Android phones and tablets via Google Play!

If you haven’t already had the pleasure then you are in for a real treat! This former iPad Game of the Year nominee revolves around the story of a sneezy swine and his quest to save his hamlet from pork loving monsters, using err um the power of boogers?!

Check out the video for a glimpse at the ‘infectious’ (get it?:) gameplay and bizarre challenges.


But don’t be fooled by the cute hand-drawn graphics, this is old school hard in the best sense.

Featuring 40 levels spread across 6 zany worlds filled with increasingly nightmarish creatures, where pigs will fly, and snot happens!

Gesundheit! will be $1.99 but free to download and enjoy the first 5 levels, and should be out later this month!

If you are looking for more information you can find the full press kit here.

Also available now for iTunes for iPhone and iPad.