Small Fry is Back!


Everyones favorite Flounder (he isnt actually a Flounder) is back in an all new update!  The Adventures of Small Fry is getting a massive overhaul with new features, mechanics and more.

The first and most significant is the addition of an all new gameplay mode called Hyperspace.  After surviving in space long enough, a space ship might just appear and by jumpin in, you can navigate the cosmos at light speed.  This new mode uses a swipe up and down mechanic to avoid asteroids as they hurdle past you.


Secondly daily challenges have been added to keep players coming back for more.  These challenges offer juicy rewards if you can complete them and range in objectives from collecting certain items, travelling certain distances and more.  Check back each day for a new challenge!

The last major change is probably the least exciting one as we changed up a bunch of the tutorial and UI elements.  Basically these are bug fixes and other little things to help make the game flow and just feel better.


- The Cake Team

Wayward Souls Hits Android July 10th

That’s right! Android users rejoice, the smash hit ‘Wayward Souls’ is hitting Google Play on July 10th.  This 2d rogue like has been praised by the games media and we couldn’t be more excited to bring this game to Android.

The game will launch with the original content from iOS as well as the recent content update.  Because the game is a premium title that increases its price on each update, we will be sticking to parity on Android.  However for the launch week, we will be selling the game for $4.99 at a launch sale since iOS users were able to initially grab it for that price.  After that we will move it up to $5.99 and continue to increase price with each content update Rocketcat submits.


- Cake Team

Zombie Puzzle Panic – July 3rd


Just wanted give you guys the scoop on a new game we are helping release from fellow Canadian developer Massive Damage (creators of Please Stay Calm) called Zombie Puzzle Panic!

Being a “publisher” as well as a development team, we have always wanted to work with a wide variety of game types. Be it action, puzzle, racing and more. One genre we never really got into though was match-3. We know match-3′s can be a divisive genre, but when done right, they can be really fun and we love them.

So when Massive Damage came to us with their unique spin and super fun game Zombie Puzzle Panic, we jumped at the chance to work with them.

Zombie Puzzle Panic is maybe best described as 1 part Candy Crush, 1 part Fallout 3 and 1 part zombie apocalypse It uses some familiar match-3 mechanics but changes up the formula by adding various types of zombies, weapons and survivors to the mix.

Mission types vary from taking out zombies, to rescuing survivors to protecting scientists as hordes of the undead swarm your playing field. Some zombies just wander aimlessly while others scratch up or freeze your board making it harder to make matches. You can even deploy armed survivors and position them on the playing field to give yourself a fighting chance!

All these things add up to a super fun, addicting and unique game that we hope you guys will dig. It is probably no surprise, but the game will be F2P and we hope that we hit a fair balance for all players to enjoy.

image 4 image 5

image image 3



Flappy Golf Update #2

ATTENTION! – The ball trail glitch has been fixed in the most recent update.  But there is still a graphical glitch on Everest Hole 8 where the Egg is behind a rock. This was not intended and should be corrected in a later update. Thanks.

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.58.53 AM

Over the next few hours, then highly anticipated update to Flappy Golf should be going live! Fans have been salivating at the idea of new content so here is what you can expect:

- New Courses.  We have retrofitted 20 courses from the original SSG for you to get your flap on in.  Die hard SSG fans will recognize the likes of The Tar Sands, The Haunted Hills, The Slew, The Cliffs, Rooftops and more!

- Characters.  One thing we have learnt is that everyone who plays Flappy Golf loves the multiplayer.  So instead of just letting you customize your ball colour, we went 1 step further with unlockable characters, both conventional and down right weird.  Who doesn’t want to flap around a golf course on the moon as a piece of toast? I know I do.

- Ball Trails.  To add an extra level of customization we brought over all the ball trails from Super Stickman Golf 2® as well.  So what is better than playing as toast on mars? Toast with a rainbow trail on mars. Duh.

- Eggs.   The big question with the ball trails and characters is, “how do you unlock them?”.  Well eggs is the answer.  Like Golf Bux, eggs are found floating in levels and can be earned from multiplayer matches.  And you can get a ton of them from playing multiplayer, 8 player games especially.  To encourage players to not rage quit games early, eggs will be rewarded just for completing holes, as well bonuses based on how you rank at the end of the match. We wanted to engage players to just keep playing even if they are not as good as their competitors. Everyone wins basically!  And no, there are NO iAP’s to get more eggs faster. They are part of the game as is and the only iAP is the remove ad option.

We really hope you guys enjoy the additions to this game that almost never came out.


Team Noodlecake


Jupiter Jump – Coming Soon!


Jupiter Jump, the first entry of our “Noodlecade” games is almost here!

Jupiter Jump is a simple, one touch, twitch style arcade game that is fast paced and brutally difficult in the best of ways.

Being propelled from the force of your crashed ship, all you can do is tap to increase your gravity and slam down to the surface.  Avoid the mines and bank as many points as you can. However there is a catch. If you can get close enough to the mines without blowing yourself to bits, you will get a near miss bonus that increases your score multiplier.

The higher your multiplier, the better your score, but the better chance you might end up as tiny bits of space junk.  It is classic risk vs reward and incredibly addictive.  There are also portals to new worlds that might even provide you with a bit of a bonus if you can get there.

Jupiter Jump will be free and ad supported with an iAP to turn them off if you choose.  You can also see your friends scores with the local leaderboard integration.  We are hoping for a launch in the next couple weeks depending on the review process.  Stay tuned via twitter for all the news!